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A Fullmetal Alchemist role play game.
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 Bar "The Dirty Mug"

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PostSubject: Bar "The Dirty Mug"   Sun Aug 17, 2008 5:44 am

In the end of the square, hardly noticeable, was situated the main bar of the capital - "The Dirty Mug". It was almost hidden behind the façade of a normal building with only a sigh pointing its whereabouts. On the other side of the creaking door there were just a few wooden tables with four chairs each and a dirty looking counter. The barman – a one-eyed old man usually spent his time polishing the cracked glasses with a fabric that seamed dirtier than them. Behind him on the glass door of the cupboard was a sign with the prices.


Beer – 6 cenz
Vodka – 9 cenz
Tequila - 13 cenz
Scotch – 17 cenz
Whisky – 21 cenz
Brandy – 25 cenz

On the side of that piece of paper was another announcement which read:

Chips for gambling – 5 cenz per chip
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Bar "The Dirty Mug"
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