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 The Cafeteria

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PostSubject: The Cafeteria   Sun Aug 17, 2008 4:56 am

The vast room at the end of the first floor was the cafeteria where the students were free to go to and renew their strength. There were three long tables with many chairs around them and in one of the walls there were two windows that served as counters for orders. Above them the food and prices were written on big pieces of paper.


Croissants with tee/coffee 5 cenz (2 St)
Pancakes with tee/coffee 7 cenz (3 St)
Bacon and eggs with tee/coffee 10 cenz (5 St)


Full coursed menu (Soup, main dish and desert) 21 cenz (14 St)
Chicken soup 7 cenz (5 St)
Tomato soup 6 cenz (4 St)
Fried fish 10 cenx (7 St)
Vegetable stew - 9 cenx (6 St)
Fruit salad 4 cenz (2 St)
Cake 5 cenz (3 St)


Salad 6 cenz (4 St)
Lunch leftovers 7 cenz (6 St)
Specialty 20 cenz (15 St)
Ice cream 3 cenz a ball (1 St)
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The Cafeteria
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